Build Onchain Wealth

Create a portfolio of automated trading strategies without writing a line of code.

Limit Order

Swap ERC20 tokens at a specified rate and time range. The order will be executed if an order can be filled within the time range.

Leverage Long

Leverage long an asset by borrowing and buying more of it. You can set the leverage amount and the supply token.

Mean Reversion

Buy/Sell an asset when it's price is above/below a certain threshold. Uses historical UniswapV3 token prices via zero-knowledge storage proof.

Preview of Intent Batch

Smart Transactions

District Finance lets users express transactions as a series of steps. Each step can be a trade, a transfer, or a call to a smart contract.
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Modular Rules & Conditions

At each step, users can specify rules and conditions that must be met before the step can be executed. This allows users to create complex strategies that are flexible and customizable.